Day 3 – The 12 Gluten Free Beers of Christmas

It was on the 3rd day of Christmas, well actually it was around 3 months ago I came across Gun Brewery – Scaramanga whilst having a conversation in the Sheffield Tap about the gluten free beers they had available. A very reliable pub in Sheffield for gluten free beer and often have at least a selection to choose from so when I discovered Gun Brewery – Scaramanga I had to put it through the taste test!

The results were pretty good, and it turns out after several Gun Brewery – Scaramanga’s and other gluten free beer in the Sheffield Tap you will in fact become drunk! Thankfully I have nothing but a good experience of the Scaramanga, the extra pale ale is certainly one to try if you haven’t already and happens to feature very regularly now at the Sheffield Tap. It is unfortunate (or not) that I have to pass through the train station at Sheffield on a daily basis, and with The Tap located on platform 1, a Gun Brewery – Scaramanga as a train beer is never a bad shout.

I should also however mention, in the rare occasion gluten free beer is available on tap, generally Allendale Brewery – GFPA which hasn’t made our top 12 due to the lack of availability of it. However a 2 pint take out of Allendale – GFPA is always a suggestion for a long train journey if available at The Tap.

So far we’ve only found Scaramanga available at The Tap in Sheffield but if you know of, or find anywhere else it’s at please do let us know 🙂


Day 2 – The 12 Gluten Free Beers of Christmas

Following a rather successful day 1 of the 12 Gluten Free Beers of Christmas, it is safe to say a selection of the upcoming beer was sampled again yesterday evening! All the beer we will be sharing with you has been tried and tested by a self proclaimed gluten free beer expert, and also a beer connoisseur in the Sheffield area – vouching for the quality of the gluten free beer compared to normal beer.

Following a trip to several pubs in Sheffield yesterday evening, with a friend not allergic to gluten, it was great to both be able to sit drinking the same beer and discuss how great the quality of the gluten free beer was! Due to The Bar Stewards having Arbor Ales – Simcoe on cask, I chose this over the bottle of Arbor Oz Bomb! I’d highly recommend both of these if you get the chance!

Now on to today… slightly later than scheduled due to an excessive amount of gluten free pints consumed last night! Our beer of choice today is Brew Foundation – Free Beer! A local brewery based in Sheffield who brew their beer near Macclesfield in the Peaks.

Rather interestingly, I bought my first pint of Free Beer (yes it costs money!) whilst on one of our famous monthly pub crawls throughout the city in the Railway Hotel. I was disappointed to say the least, the beer gave a rather bizarre aftertaste of what we could only describe as ‘ash-tray’. This put me off the beer and didn’t try it again for a good 6 months!

Anyway, at the Kelham Island Beer Festival back in October, there were several gluten free options available including the Brew Foundation – Free Beer, so thought I would give it a second chance! What an improvement, I’d now highly recommend the beer and have had several pints since which have all been impressive! I’ve also been informed that the way the beer was brewed has recently changed due to the feedback they’ve received! Massive improvement all around 🙂

Brew Foundation have recently opened Ecclesall Ale Club in the city too, I’ve not had chance to visit yet but heard really good things about it! And rumour has it Free Beer is always available there on cask! It’s also sporadically available throughout Sheffield in other bars including The Railway Hotel. Free Beer is also availalbe in bottles and cans from Beer Central in Sheffield Markets – which have an amazing selection of gluten free beers available (15 last time I counted I think).

Strength: 4.4%

Style: American Pale Ale

Sadly this evening, it will be a night at the local which means one thing… cider! Thankfully Strongbow, Bulmers and Magners will not be featuring in the 12 Gluten Free Beers of Christmas!

Introducing The 12 Gluten Free Beers of Christmas (Day 1)

Welcome to the 12 Gluten Free Beers of Christmas – our online campaign to promote the very best gluten free beer and where it is available to buy in Sheffield.

By now, anyone following a gluten free diet and a lover of beer, will know many chain pubs including Wetherspoon’s now have an option of either Daura Damm, Peroni or Estrella Galacia. Our aim is to let you know the other better beers available that don’t contain gluten.

Together with @OnTheBarSheff and @GlutenFreePint we’ve been on a very beery adventure, finding the very best pubs in Sheffield to drink Gluten Free Beer and the choices of beer now available to us.

The first beer, a pretty recent discovery of mine, is Arbor Ales – Oz Bomb, an Aussie Pale Ale brewed by Arbor Ales in Bristol. It just so happened we stopped by The Bar Stewards after visiting the Sheffield Steel City Beer Festival in October – it wasn’t as if we needed any more beer in us! After looking in the fridge, it appeared there was no Gluten Free choices (not even Daura!) so I asked the bar manager if he had anything… luckily hiding down in the cellar was an Arbor Oz Bomb along with a selection of other gluten free beers there just wasn’t room in the fridge for. As I’d never sampled the Oz Bomb before, I thought I’d give it a shout… and it certainly deserves its place in the 12 Gluten Free Beers of Christmas!

About Arbor Oz Bomb

Strength: 4.7%

Style: Aussie Pale Ale

Where To Buy: The Bar Stewards & Sheffield Tap

I have since drank the Arbor Oz Bomb without a beer festival amount of alcohol inside me beforehand, and have nothing but good things to say about it! The Oz Bomb has a tropical grapefruit flavour and aroma to it, and golden in colour.

Please take care when purchasing Oz Bomb as until recently this beer was not brewed to Gluten Free standards. The cross grain symbol is on the back of all versions that are bottled gluten free.