WTF! Breaking News From GlutenFreePint…

It’s been a while since my last blog post, but today I bring exciting news from the world of Gluten Free Beer and I! We all remember the days when Daura and Greens dominated the gluten free beer industry, but things couldn’t be looking any different today if they tried.

Subconsciously I must have known something was going to happen, as I was about to write a blog last night about which brewer may be next to launch a new gluten free beer for us in 2018. Not less than 24 hours after this thought, groundbreaking news has happened today… and it’s not a news story to ignore!

So quickly a recap on 2018 so far, we’re already 4 months in so it’s probably about time we had a little update on gluten free beers. ‘The Steel City’ as I call it, continues to dominate the market in gluten free beer, probably partly to do with my continuous campaigning for more gluten free beer, and also the fact it is possibly the beer capital of the UK. Putting that to one side, the amount of cask/keg beer in the city suitable for those following a gluten free diet seems to be becoming more and more available. Without going into too much detail, we regularly see the following breweries appearing in the city with their gluten free offerings:

  • Arbor (Simcoe / Citra / Mosaic)
  • Shiny (Affinity / Happy People / Disco Balls) etc….
  • Magic Rock (Fantasma)
  • First Chop (their full range)
  • Brew Foundation (Free Beer)
  • Sentinel (all their beer is now brewed to a GF standard)

All great beers and well worth enjoying at a variety of pubs/bars throughout Sheffield that continuously serve the gluten free world! A shout out to the following venues:

  • Bar Stewards
  • Shakespeare
  • Rutland Arms
  • Devonshire Cat
  • Head of Steam
  • Sheffield Tap
  • Ecclesall Ale House
  • The Old Workshop
  • Sentinel Brewhouse

I’m sure I’ve missed some other great venues off too (sorry – there’s so many these days!). But a massive mention to The Head of Steam who managed to have a whopping 4 gluten free cask/keg beers on at once last week, this was Gluten Free Heaven.

Back on topic – as the afternoon was going on, a tweet from Beer Central popped up… I had to read over this at least three times and confirm with @OnTheBarSheffield what I was seeing wasn’t a dream! A new Gluten Free Beer on the market, not from any old brewer, but Northern Monk – a renowned craft brewer from nearby Leeds.


Northern Monk – DDH Gluten Free Pale Ale

Brewed in collaboration with Burnt Mill and Whiplash Brewing, this 5.5% DDH Pale Ale is certainly one to get excited about! This new beer is brewed with Citra, Ekuanot, Amarillo and Simco hops. I’m yet to try it, but there is one in the fridge chilling for this evening 🙂 I’ll let you all know how it goes down later! Brewed with Oats instead of Wheat and Barley, this beer is not only Gluten Free but also NGCI!

As the afternoon continued, it was time for a quick afterwork drink in The Sheffield Tap with @OnTheBarSheff who also runs @SheffieldHopcast for a beer and chat (Fantasma on Keg this time) – quite a regular occurrence may I say! As we were chatting away, a notification came in from the Facebook group Beers4Coeliacs about another new beer this time from a brewer over the Pennines in Manchester… the one and only Cloudwater.

Cloudwater – Disturbing The Oats

Again brewed in collaboration with Burnt Mill, this 6.5% Oat Malt IPA is another to shout home about! Brewed with Citra, Chinook and Pilgrim Hops, it should be a pretty interesting beer! I’m yet to track this one down, but when I do, you’ll all have a report on how great it tastes no doubt!

So there we have it, not one new beer, but two in the same day from two excellent brewers! Today can officially be marked in the calendar as Gluten Free Beer Day!

This leaves me with one question, what next? Here’s my thoughts….

  • Thornbridge (have promised something this year)
  • Magic Rock (could we see another to sit side by side with Fantasma?)
  • Buxton Brewery
  • Beavertown
  • Oakham Ales
  • Siren

Let me know yours below! Both Northern Monk and Cloudwater would have been on that list this morning!


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