Gluten Free Beer Takeover!

You heard it here first, Brimming with Beer just down the road in Chesterfield are hosting a Gluten Free Beer Takeover! Who’d have thought it? A weekend with the taps dedicated to gluten free beers for everyone to enjoy!


After speaking with Ben who runs Brimming with Beer, it sounds as if his idea of a garden shed bar in the back garden got a little out of hand and transformed into an actual bottle shop and micropub… so what better than a real beer enthusiast to run a gluten free beer takeover! Ben confirmed a few weeks ago, Gun Scaramanga was his best selling beer on keg, now that was lined up against some of the top gluten containing beers too.


Between Friday 6th & Sunday 8th April, the Gluten Free Beer Takeover will feature both bottled and canned beers along with 6 keg beers all which are gluten free. So hopefully you’re now excited to hear about the line up, and a little review of each beer from Sheffield’s renowned Gluten Free Beer expert! @GlutenFreePint (Twitter / Instagram)


Gun Brewery – Scaramanga (3.9% Extra Pale Ale)

This beer was first introduced to me by The Sheffield Tap, when enquiring about their gluten free beer range, I’d never seen this particular beer before so thought it would be worth a try, initially in a can. Most recently this beer has also been available on both cask & keg around Sheffield (I’m told it’s currently on at The Devonshire Cat on keg!). Brewed with zesty and floral hops, this unfined beer is also suitable for vegans. Currently the only beer available from Gun Brewery that is gluten free.


Arbor – Citra (4% Pale Ale)

Initially it was Oz Bomb, then Simcoe and now Citra! Arbor are putting an awful lot of time into gluten free brews recently, and it’s fair to say they’re some of the best gluten free beers around! Brewed with Citra hops, gives the grapefruit, melon, lime and passionfruit aroma. Rumour on the block is a Mosaic beer will be the next in the gluten free run from Arbor.


Shiny Brewing – Happy People (4.2% Pale Ale)

Fairly new to the gluten free game are Shiny Brewery based just outside Derby so probably the most local gluten free brewery to Brimming with Beer. Shiny now produce all their core range to a gluten free standard, but let me tell you by using clarex to remove the gluten it certainly doesn’t remove any of the taste! Brewed with 5 different hops to create a happy flavour, it certainly makes me a happy person when I see Shiny Happy People on cask in the local.


Brass Castle – Black Russian (7% Baltic Porter)

Brass Castle have been making gluten free beers for a while now, however it wasn’t until late last year they declared all their beers will now be to a gluten free standard! What amazing news it that, brewed just up the road in Malton (North Yorks), it’s great to have another local gluten free brewery. I’ve not been fortunate enough to find the Black Russian yet, but if it matches up with the range I’ve tried so far, I’m sure it’ll be a great beer! Possibly one of the strongest gluten free beers out there too!


First Chop – Hop (4.1% Ultra Pale Ale)

Brewed over the pennines in rainy Manchester, First Chop are big players in the Gluten Free Beer market, again their whole range is brewed to a gluten free standard, and it’s safe to say they possibly have the widest range of gluten free beer styles available, ranging from stout through to an IPA and grapefruit saison. As the name suggests, Hop is a very hoppy beer brewed with citra hops.


Magic Rock – Fantasma (6.5% India Pale Ale)

In February 2017 something happened that has changed the gluten free beer world forever, our friends at Magic Rock in Huddersfield made an announcement… they were releasing a new beer and it was going to be gluten free, they called it Fantasma! Easily the best gluten free beer in the world, this citra IPA has a rather tropical taste and best served on keg. Initially only launched as a special edition, due to the roaring success Fantasma is now in the core range and here to stay! A little bird from Magic Rock tells me we’ll be seeing a more session-able gluten free beer from them in the near future too (keep your eyes pealed!).


Brimming with Beer also tell me they have an extensive range of can and bottled gluten free beer availalbe throughout the weekend! So get yourselves down to the Gluten Free Beer Takeover, and lets make a great success of it so we see another one again in the not so distant future hopefully with an even wider selection of beers!

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